Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wheel of Infirmary turn turn tun...

Kevin doesn't get sick. He's only been seriously sick a few times, and he normally shrugs off any disease that comes his way. This means that when Kevin does get sick, I almost always get sick as a result. He was sick last week, and lo and behold I began one of the strangest disease I've ever encountered Tuesday.

Nothing about this is particularly bad, but it's very odd. I haven't gotten any symptoms, I've just gotten symptom, and what that particular symptom is has been changing every 12-14 hours. It started out as a sore throat, on Wednesday it was a running nose, then it was sneezing. I've still got a bit of sneezing now, but I've moved into the phase that can actually stop me from doing anything. Exhaustion. It's frustrating, I've been making a point to walk more then normal for the past two weeks, and now I'm getting tired just pacing around the apartment. It's maddening.


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