Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Purity of Nature

Today has been an interesting experience. So many states have passed over me, and yet not once have my thoughts condensed into the crystalline purity that is the defining trait of how I think. It was a day of tense excitement, dissapointment, confusion, self derision, more confusion, that boiled down into a low level depression, and as I saw that it was snowing and I took to the streets in the cold pure beauty of nature I was filled with the subtle exhilleration of inspiration. All of these things so powerful but undefined, and I had an amazing thought.

This is how Kevin always thinks. I may be one step closer to understanding him.

But that's not the point of this. The point is that I haven't felt this inspired in months, and as I walked through the snow my artistic aspect flairing and putting my friends at the mercy of my phones "text to many" function I was cleansed. It is the difference soda and drinking cool clear water. One is simple basal pleasure with no lasting reward, the other truly makes you feel good. It is this kind of thing that can give me one more level of purity. But this is the kind of thing that makes me crazy. Walking through the snow, at night, talking to myself. It is a quintessential instance of my own form of madness, and I find myself reflecting on those on the other ends of the texts.

Kevin wouldn't have anything to say. He's crazier then I am.

Laney would be worried about the cold, and the snow, and so many other things that people worry about too much.

And Adam from his responses revealed a grand truth. I am having a moment of inspiration, Adam is having a beer, all is right in the world.

The crystalline beauty of night is overwhelming, but I am an almost obessive documenter of my thoughts so I had to return home. As I came once more to my own deck my footprints had already been coverd. A last potent display of the unmarable beauty of nature, and as I opened the door I choked on the stale warm air, and knew then the simple purity of nature.


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