Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Target Market

Every now and then google's auto-target ad system ends up being hilarious. The ongoing e-mail thread that is the basis of our current hunter group prompted a few adds that made sense. There's one for a miniatures site, there's an ad for Red Blade Studios which apparently does fantasy art work, and there's a few for online RP utilities of various sorts.

Those are the ones that you'd expect. They're on target in an obvious way. There's also a few that seem completely insane. For example an ad that links to a dead site which is trying to sell "Vampire Contact Lenses."

The best ones though are the ones that are exactly on target in a non obvious way. The ad at the very top was a prefect example of this. It simple read "How to Ask a Girl Out." Google not only knows that we're role players, it also knows that we're nerds.

Although honestly how hard is it to figure that out once you know that someone is a fan of clothes on roleplay?


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