Friday, December 05, 2008

Self Analysis

I've come to a solid conclusion on this. I'm a much more devoted nerd when I'm in a bad mood. During the long drawn out depressive episode that made up last year I got a WoW character from 1 to 70 in a month. When I was trying to avoid thinking about the various pitfalls and failures along the path to enlightenment I gained near heroic talent at playing the plastic toy guitar. Last week when the hand of fate suddenly decided to taketh away I added another layer of detail to a major city in my D&D campaign world. Another bad roll and the wheel of fortune and I draw out a sophisticaed map for a long form conceptual battle, and today after experiencing a sudden tire failure and driving thirty miles at 45 on the spare I revamp that battle designing six new archetypical enemies. For the longest time I've thought about whether these kinds of things were bad for me, but perhaps they're simply a symptom...


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