Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I just had an interesting moment. I was going to look at my own blog, to see what I'd last said, and I found myself laughing at the URL. MXUW.blogspot.com Interesting to think that this all started out as a way of informing my benefactors of my life at UW.

That obviously has changed, as have a great many other things. It's almost a reflex for me to say that I have complex and nuanced views about how people change, but really this is a subject so complex that I wouldn't commit to any of the viewpoints that I may take at any given point. Nonetheless I have changed in serious ways since I started at UW. The task of quantifying just what lead to these changes is too herculean for now, but as I look around I can pin down a few of the changes themselves.

-I care about my physical body now. Five years ago I honestly didn't. I ate whatever I felt like, which was determined entirely by striking a balance between taste, cost, and convince. I'm still not in excellent shape, but I actually think about these things now, and have genuine respect for my physical self.

-I care about my physical living space now. Another extension of moving out of the world that consisted pretty much entirely of my thoughts and the images on my monitor. this has also made me more set on keeping things clean. When they aren't, particularly when they're out of order, it's started to bother me.

-I'm allowing myself to be outgoing in person.

-I like light now, particularly sunlight.

-A great deal of my knowledge has crossed the line from conceptual to hands on.


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