Saturday, October 02, 2010


I've been operating under special circumstances for the last twenty days or so. That in and of itself could be a story, but what really interests me is that I had really only been finished with the setup process for maybe ten days. Given the influx of resources that came with my mom, for which I am extremely grateful, I was actually able to do some enhanced setup, beyond what I could have done on my own. During this period of special circumstances I've also started attending classes.

It gives me an interesting position of not actually knowing what my normal routine will be when I return to it. I had a gym, but I left that gym because along with my student status I gained access to a better gym. I have a car, but I plan for the normal routine to include bus travel to and from school. I've done some scouting for places to work, since years of experience have taught me that I can not do school work at home except when under extreme deadline pressure.

The thing is that this is all still in the conceptual period. The real test starts Monday, and we shall see, but I have high hopes.


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