Monday, July 12, 2010

Phasing out

I've been working the last few weeks to phase things out of my diet. It started with caffeinated soda, but the more important one is fast food. As of today, Monday July 12th, 2010, I'm formally abolishing it from my life.

I've made these kinds of proclamations before, and they've met with near universal failure, but my approach this time is much more reasonable. There are certain states and behaviors which lead to the consumption of fast food. There are the ingrained practices, such as stopping for fast food while on a long drive. There are the times when it is the option of last resort. These come in a number of flavors but they basically break down to a situation in which I'm hungry and for whatever reason both cooking and healthier restaurants are not viable options. Breaking the ingrained practices should be relatively easy. The pull there isn't based on any real drive, just force of habit, and I have a few tricks I've cultivated for derailing old habits. The second scenario is the more perilous one, but I have a solution for this too.

Kevin, as a rule, doesn't eat fast food. He gets into the same scenarios, but he's picky about food, so it doesn't happen. His solution is going to be my solution, and while I recognize that the behavior I'm substituting is not strictly healthy, it's a definite improvement, and once I've managed a definitive switch to this new behavior I can take steps towards and even better alternative. Anyway, Kevin's solution is a mimicry of the merits of fast food. It's available at all hours of the day, and easy to prepare. This is why when Kevin is hungry late at night, or while tired, he goes to any one of the grocery stores which are open twenty-four hours, and buys something very simple to make. This is usually something frozen.

Is frozen processed food good for you? No, of course not. But it's better. Financially, and health wise. So while I'm taking steps to improve my diet in other ways, steps which are mostly on hold due to the recurring issue that it costs a lot to feed myself on a diet of vegetables, this is one key step in the process of lifestyle reformation.


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