Monday, July 26, 2010


I realize it's been a while since I've informed my parents of anything, and since that was the intended original purpose of this blog, I have a few updates for those concerned.

The primary task I've had during the last few weeks, other then minimizing my burden on the Wilson family, was securing a place to stay in Olympia. Over the course of four or five day trips we gathered a list of options, we pruned it down, and ordered them. A bit of aggressive phone work kept me informed about openings, and a bit of fortunate timing lead to us securing the last possible two bedroom apartment at our first choice complex. I actually only manged to get the spot by driving the deposit down that day. While I was driving others came to try and secure the same location. Thus concludes the primary task of these past months, and as of August 20th Kevin and I will be moving into Abalon Pointe.

This brings me back to an all too familiar routine which I know as "laying low." It's an exercise of minimalism designed to conserve funding. It is by nature boring, and its familiarity has only exacerbated that, but it's a necessity, and at least at this point I have a concrete date at which the exercise will end.

Just another twenty five days.


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