Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting the Joke

(This post was written as I read through the wikki, so it may seem a bit disjointed)

Now that I've finished my test and abandoned my quest to get the ElotH books, a quest which I've deemed futile because I don't believe any such books actually exist, I'm taking a break and looking more thoroughly at the wiki. It's actually really funny. It becomes increasingly clear as you read it that the books, the comic, the catoon etc don't really exist, but rather the entire thing is a paradoy/mockery of all of the fantasy cultures combined. They have blurbs about each of the supposed books, and each of them is a mockery on some key running theme in the fantasy D&D story circut.

The evidence agaisnt the books existance mounts and mounts the more I read. Amongst other things it seems to indicate that every book was rejected by the fans as being a letdown or a preversion of their beloved series. I understand that fanboys will take a lot of punishment, but thats more then they can handle.

The site uses an amazing array of psuedo words which people can understand only if they have an above average grasp on the English language, and a warped (or at least highly malleable) view on reality. This is true to Tycho's style, which reinforces my belief that he created the wiki. Some of these pseudo words are also things that have appeared in Penny arcade. Not many but a few. Others are names that are deliberatley similar to famous fantasy novel characters.

Raven darkblood. That's an obvious refrence to Gabes creation "Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood," a character created to be a comicly overdone dark anti-hero vaguely evil protagonist.

Hah! They're not even trying anymore. When I googled "Doctor Raven Darktalon Blood" to try and find which PA strip mentioned him (In my quest to get a better description) one of the hits appears in the ELotH wiki.

A Longsword +pi is mentioned, a classic D&D joke.

There are a few lists of 100, I've found 2 thus far. One is a single characters 100 titles, the other is a list of 100 swords. Both are quite funny. I'm particularly fond of K'x'k'xiqlt, The Difficult to Pronounce.

Sepathok is also known as Sabermoff, a name which gabe uses to incorrectly refrence Sephiroth, the prime antagonist from FFVII and another famous fantasy character. The wiki is full of refrences like this. I'm actually having a lot of fun with it because it's intellectually stimulating to my insanity. It's food for warped and nonsensical thought.

Some of the writing style commentaries are hilarious. Things like "Fields of random puncutation" and entire chapter entitled simply "Muffin" that consists entirelly of semi-colons, and supposedly book 10 "is best know for its unique format. Namely, that the entire work is written in a series of Villanelles that transition freely between English, French, Latin, Hebrew, Morse Code, Aramaic, and the guttural yawns of Wookiees (known as Shyriiwook)"

This of course seals the case on the "is this an actual book" debate, but it's funny nonetheless.

Actually, this whole ELotH thing is amazingly similar to the supposed 5 movie series that was supposed to be based on Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood. Judging how nothing ever came of that, and there haven't been any production updates etc. I'm assuming that was fake too. I never trusted that to begin with though. I think that the essential nature of it is that they both got to do this one big fantasy world thing, Gabe had Dr.RDtB and Tycho had ELotH:TES. I like it, I'm just suprsied I hadn't heard any ranting on the subject before now.


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