Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Project Exodus

Let's talk apartments. If you have Google Earth, which I whole heartedly endorse, you can play along at home.

First of all I'd like to thank the stranger for directing me to From there I know I can get a single for $600-ish in cap hill. There are a lot of options that fit that bill, but my favorite is at 170 Melrose Ave E Seattle, 98102. I'm particularly fond of this location because of it's proximity to downtown, and because the place comes with free high speed internet.

There's a 2 bedroom pre-leasable for $925, so $463 to each, in a good location in the university district. 5227 Brooklyn Ave Seattle WA. Those of you playing the home game may notice that it's only two blocks from Safeway.

There's another 2 bedroom, University district, $850 so $425 each. 4212 Pasadena PL NE Seattle, 98105. It looks good but it's right on I5. That would mean great transit if I had a car, but it may also mean highway noise. I don't think the noise will bug me that much, but I haven't lived there yet so I can't say.

There's a 3 north of the U-Village, I list a 3 because of a set of unknowns that could align to a 3 being needed, for $1195, or $400 ish each. 3004 NE 55th St Seattle, 98105. To be honest I'm not that fond of this one, but the whole situation with the 3 is very complex. Amongst other things one of us would be going to school in federal way, and neither of the other two of us has a clear cut occupation for that time period yet. Like I said very complex.

Another option I'm going to put on the table is getting a roommate from the Stranger.

Oh, I really should've mentioned this earlier. The Stranger is a local underground free newspaper which is the best source of classifieds aimed at people in my economic bracket. It's also good as a newspaper, but I'll talk about that later.

Note to self. During summer go through blog and look up every instance where I said "I'll talk about that later" and make sure they're all actually covered.

Anyway, the stranger has adds along the same lines as the normal rentals, but these are people who are looking to split the bill. A few of them seem okay. How would I arrange that for September though... If I fall back to this I may have to do a one month stay in a single, or sleep in Kevin's back yard or something like that.

This plan gets less and less defined the further I go. It sets off my internal alarms but part of me wonders if this lack of stability will be good for me. There are so many things I do not know.


Anonymous Kevo said...

If everything does go to hell I'm sure my backyard at least would be open to you, probably the deck.....though speaking practically, we do have a mostly spare room you could use if you needed least that's what I would expect my parents to say as well.....

Also....I've lived within sight of a highway with good noise transmission all my get used to it...and that close to I-5 would probably be loud but trust me, it'll drone out as fast as a crazy night at the dorms....

Also...did you ship the stuff in that box home that would have been stored here?....or do you still need to store things in my garage?

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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