Friday, June 09, 2006


If you were an obsessive wackjob like me you'd know that Nintendo has a long history if screwing with penny arcade. I don't mean this in a bad way either, as a major media outlet PA gets the standard free stuff, but when Nintendo sends it to them they like to play games with them. One of the most famous incidents was when they sent and incredibly realistic plastic hand. There are stories of Gabe running out of his office saying

"Do you fuckers not understand that you need me? Do you understand that if I have a heart attack and die, you all have to get real jobs?"

Well Nintendo has done it again. There's a video of them opening the latest box. For those of you who are using 6 year old computers with no sound cards and operating systems whose source code is found in the Necronomicon, you know who you are, you'll need to go to a comptuer with sound to get it.


Anonymous Kevo said...

*reads last paragraph.....falls over laughing*

4:39 PM  

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