Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I meant to post this earlier, but going back through my notes I'm reminded of it.

I almost certainly have Mania. Look at the key indicators

Decreased Need For Sleep
Pressured Speech
Racing Thoughts/distractiblity
Increased involvement in goal directed activity (this one is the one I don't hink I have)
Psychomotor Agitation (fancy term for fidgity)
Excessive involvement in pleasurable but potentially harmful activites

This may be a key example of what's known as "Psych Student Syndrom" where people begin ascribing disorders to themselves, but the synch up here is incredible. Then again this is the second condition I've ascribed to myself recently (the first being that I think I'm either monopolar depressed or bipolar to a slight degree) but I have really signifigant evidence for both.


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