Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Project Exodus

So it appears I no longer have a roommate. To be honest I’m not happy about that, but I’m not going to force a friend of mine into something he’s not comfortable doing. I understand, but don’t agree with the perceived problem but, ya’know what? Skip it. That’s a long complex topic and not the topic of discussion at the moment. The plan has changed. This means two things.

1. I’ll be living either in a studio in UW district or a 1 bedroom in cap hill.
2. Rent will be higher.

I’ve asked around about the commune option, and I’ve gotten a great deal of negative responses, so that’s out.

The Stranger roommate selection is an interesting idea that fails in practice. I’d need to arrange this for September, The stranger roommate thing has a much shorter window of opportunity.

I still plan to do the hit the ground cushioned plan, where I live off savings for a month during which I search for a job. I won’t say that the plan doesn’t worry me, because it does, but I think I can pull it off, and I think the experience will be good for me. Amongst other things I think I’m due for a good “bat to the face” style of lesson on budgeting.

Both locations are near “non-violent” martial arts places, so I’ll almost certainly join one of those (assuming funding.) Non-violent martial arts is a term I don’t think I’ve ever used outside of conversations with myself, but they refer to martials arts that don’t have much to do with actually beating your opponent. In karate the goal is clear. In Kung-fu the goal is clear. However in Aikido the goal is personal. It can be used in self defense yes, but Aikido isn’t really about learning how to fight as much as it is about learning proper motion, balance, and chi control. The same is true of Tai-Chi. The 1 bedroom in cap hill is within reasonable distance of an Aikido center, while the studio is around the block from a Tai-chi dojo. I’m more interested in Aikido, but I’m also interested in $50/month. There are still many things to consider though


Anonymous Kevo said...

To be honest I don't really agree with the perceived problem either...but then why can I not overcome it, eh?...I don't know....but everytime I try to imagine doing anything major, like getting an apartment...I feel an immense pressure, probably fear based, that overwhelms me...which is my own fault, but I don't seem to have a way of resolving my own mental perspective of the problem that is greatly exacerbating the actual problem...a reference to Creed's "My Own Prison" seems appropriate.....I just don't know why this is bothering me so much.....I should feel comfortable with getting an apartment or commiting to something, I should be able to go about life without constantly doubting everything I do....but I do...and that bothers me....and I can't explain why...and that bothers me even more....


...though hell, my whole attitude might change next week, I don't even know....*sigh*....

...I apologize for having too much perspective on something that should be moderate if not minor.

-Kevin Wilson

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