Friday, June 09, 2006

Additional Official

I'm now also officially Goth. My hair has gotten long enough that after any violent head motion (suprisingly common in my life) it hangs in front of my right eye, while leaving my left eye out to cast contempt on the masses and "The conformists." After a recent bout of headbanging done to the German J-pop song "Heute Ist Mein Tag*" Something I'm glad none of the normals saw because I'd instantly lose all of my "Max is intimidating" points, I found my vision obscured by my hair. It was then that it dawned on me. With a maniacal giggle I flipped my head in a way that conveyed both arrogance and a general disappointed ennui, which put my hair back in to it's previous place. This is the Goth hair flip maneuver, also known as "the flippy thing that guy in that band can do." If you need an example watch the South Park episodes with the Goth kids, you'll see

*James when you read this e-mail me a translation of that please.


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