Saturday, July 22, 2006

Project Exodus: Player 3

If you look at Kevin’s friends you’ll find that they’re all creepily similar to friends of mine. They’re all different in some way, but by it’s always just some added minor detail or some shifted detail. The creepiest part of this is that his friend Adam is their groups me. I don’t think I’ve spent more then 6 hours around him total, but there have already been at least 4 counts of one of us looking at the other and exclaiming “Finally someone else who understands/thinks like/thought of that.” We’ve both, separately with no influence on the other, said to Kevin that “I’m glad you have (person) around to say the things I would say if I was there.

The problem is that we both came up with the idea of having Kevin as our roommate. Kevin is kind of flighty, and lacks any clear direction, so he makes a good counterpart to a schemer, but he doesn’t make a good person for commitment. Adam has my same grasp of long term planning that I call “Machination.” I like that word, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, but it implies something insidious.

I also like the word insidious. It sounds exactly like what it means.

Anyway, a key part of project exodus is giving me somewhere to live in Seattle when I arrive. I’ve begun to play the cards differently, rather then the slow coercion of Kevin I’m going for the direct alliance of Adam, then we’ll combine our evil might to coerce Kevin. My machinations on this subject are already unfolding. Project Exodus marches forward.


Anonymous Kevo said...

Uh....dude....I actually already decided while in the wilderness that I wanted to room with't worry about going through adam.....also.....I have an idea that's viable for you, me, Adam and Caitie + boyfriend Chris to get a house.......more on that later.....when it's not 1 AM PST

....also...I'm back from my trip.....just got back.....*thud*

1:03 AM  

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