Tuesday, July 11, 2006


While web browsing, and recently while waiting for the 20 gigs of genome to do its thing, I make a point of checking the news. It's essentially never actually informative, or even interesting, but I feel like I should be getting some information even if I could get the same message from listening to someon chant "Doom, doom, dooom!!!" over and over again. Recently it's gone further downhill. I'm convinced that they should just give up and change the "headlines" section to "what's exploding today." They should also stop the entirety of the celebrities thing, and I'm not even complaining about how it's pointless deification of people with little talent and less merit. I'm just freaked out by some of the pictures. Look at this one of paris hilton who'se apparently converted to something. I don't care. The point is look at that picture, and then think about this question.

Could you say without hesitation that the person in that picture is not a zombie.


Anonymous Kevo said...

Oh my gods....

2:33 PM  

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