Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sudden Demand

I've been reading a book recently entitled "What color is your parachute" There's a lot to say about that, but not right now. I mention it now because one of the key things I learned from it is that the most effective way to get a job is to get it from one of your contacts.

Contacts are what you call friends and loved ones when you're using them for your own twisted gain. It's a buisness term, like downsizing (Firing) or human resources (slavemaster)

well after 3 weeks of searching in other methods two of my contacts, my parents which makes this even more tense, both arrange opportunities. The jobs are very similar in nature, I'd go do semi-trained labor at a university. I intended to apply to both, so in chronological order I e-mailed the Rice employer. Then I went in for what I thought would be an interview with the UofH contact, but really turned out to be a "Hey Max, welcome aboard here's what you'll be doing." I've been looking for three weeks trying to get a job much less enjoyable then this one, so I jumped at the chance. But now, on day 3 of this whole series of events, I get a reply from the rice contact. I'm essentially commited to the UofH job already, so I sent an apology and refusal back to him, but I feel bad about it. It might've been nice to have worked at rice instead of UofH. It may have been beneficial simply for the change of scenery. It may have paid better. Should I have waited? Perhaps I should've gotten a clear view of both options before picking... I don't know, but I don't like it. I feel like I've somehow lied to one of the contacts. It's too late to turn back now, and I know that playing the what if game won't get me anywhere, but I still feel somehow guilty.


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