Thursday, July 06, 2006

Throwing Gasoline on the Fire

First of all. Exactly what I and a multitude of people more qualified then me said was going to happen is happening. One of the few constants I can find in studying Israeli history is that the idealists are always wrong.

I could give a long rant on this, but there wouldn't be much of a point to it. I just want to respond to my favorite excerpt from that article.

"The Council also agreed to send a fact-finding mission to the Palestinian territories to report back urgently on alleged human rights violations by Israel. "

Why haven't they sent a fact finding mission to find out who launced that Rocket attack on Ashkelon, or all the other Qassams that are being fired over the border.


Anonymous Kevo said...

*tilts head sideways* ???

1:30 PM  

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