Thursday, June 15, 2006


I was rewatching the unfunny truth thing when something occured to me.

I think that music is from the game Bloodrayne. Possibly Resident evil. It's definately familiar. It's also really creepy. I'm much less disturbed by the "graphic images" then I am by the creepy music. It's interesting, I've done a lot of my own bizzare form of psychological tests on myself, and I seem to be especially vulnerable to the mood altering effects of music. It is, as all things are, a mixed blessing.

For a while I had playlists in iTunes that were designed to induce a mental state, I no longer have them but I still tend to catagorize music by emotional feel.

This vulnerability may also be why I tend to listen to spoken word things instead of music when listening recreationally. Many things to consider...

Oh, and one last note. YTMND did have that one serious note, but a lot of their scientology stuff is the same old irreverance


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