Saturday, June 24, 2006

Project Exodus

Project Exodus has hit a serious roadblock. You may recall that a key step of the plan was the tech job I had lined up at rice, this would provide for the first months living in Seattle, as well as the various expenses it would take to establish a working domain. That job fell through rather suddenly when my would be employer informed my Mom that he would actually be out of town all summer. The backups which were essentially identical jobs under other professors all fell through as well. This is why during my first week back I began job hunting, but that too has proved exceedingly difficult. I would think that the highly motivated well organized people would begin planning their summer job over winter break. The average student would start in April or March. Slackers and other such wastrels would get on it by early May, and the bottom rung burnouts would start in late May early June. So on June 11th when I found out that my plan had fallen through I began the job search. This puts me one rung below burnout, and 2 rungs below wastrel, so it didn’t seem too promising. The results have been overwhelmingly similar. I show up to put in a resume, and the person whose working the customer service desk, or the job I had hoped to get is someone in my age bracket who beat me to the punch. The time crunch makes this increasingly difficult too. It seems reasonable to me that someone would hire a kid in to an entry level position for 3 months, but I intend to be in Seattle August 28th, this gives me at most 2 full months of employment, which seems a bit short.

I have not yet been deterred in my efforts though. I’m going to keep saturating the local market in resumes until something comes through. The ideal solution, keeping in mind the already un-ideal conditions, would be to get a job that I could telecommute to. I only have one that fits that particular niche on my block at the moment, but I’m hoping that it will come through. The job is being a site moderator for I would normally have no interest in, but a paycheck can do wonders for a lack of interest. You’ve probably checked what the website is by now, if you haven’t it’s a Craig’s list style setup for actors & models. While yes, they’re people I generally wouldn’t be interested in, it’s okay. As a moderator I’ll serve as the Iron fist of the EULA, so a bit of contempt may work in my favor. This is, however, an assignment yet confirmed. For now I simply hope, and continue applying elsewhere.


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If all else fails, try a temp agency....they always have work around here...and I don't think it would be different in Houston

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