Saturday, July 22, 2006

Worst Hunter Ever

Until recently I had 3 characters that made up my commonly played characters in WoW. I had Slyz, 60 rogue, my "Main" and my raiding character. I had Mobiius, 60 mage, who I sometimes played as. And I had inquisition, my paladin, who was still leveling, but has recently had the honor of achieving the highest possible level, level 60.

I really need a link to a .wav file of that line from Monty Python "And There Was Much Rejoicing!!! yea."

In either case I've started another character. A dwarven hunter. Well one of the hunter's key powers is it's pet. I have a boar which I named hobbletot as a means of playing around with one of our guilds mages who has the same name and who recently learned the "Polymorph:pig" spell. Anyway I was traveling from one area to the next and forgot I had my pet our, or just wasn't' thinking or through some other supreme act of obliviousness I forgot about it. Then I noticed I was being chased by a boar. I spent a good 5 minutes running from that boar and it just wouldn't give up the chase.

Well as you may have already guessed that boar was my pet.

I then made the powerful mistake of telling this amusing little story of incompetence in guild chat, which was met with amazing hilarity, and it got my guild note changed from "Alt of Slyz" to "Runs from his own pet." I'm just lucky that there wasn't somebody on who could change the guild message of the day.


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