Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not Condusive To Saftey

I think it may be a bad idea to let me drive with my ipod.

You may recall that I mentioned the unusually powerfull effect music has on my mindset. It seems that it can influence my actions as well. Normally when I'm driving I'm listening to either NPR, the radio station that you know is unbiased because it's so boring, or Pacifica, the only example I've found of legitimate biased liberal media. Both of those are talk news. Well on my most recent outing I brought my iPod. I was driving long enough to hear 3 song.

1. "Bring it" which I mentioned in the above newspost. The explicit version of the song too.
2. "The Sledge" by Dream Evil. You can try and decide whether the name of the song or the name of the band is more menacing.
3. "Fury On The Storm" by Dragonforce, a rock group whose key source of inspiration is mythical combat with the dreaded wyrm.

It's amazing what music that high on the "Fire" scale will do to you. The needle begins to inch gradually closer to 50, yellow lights become more reachable, and I don't even remember turning sports mode on.

For all the hazard and speeding and borderline reckless endangerment you must admit one thing. I made record time.


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