Sunday, August 06, 2006

Great Job

It occured to me after seeing this that there's a job out there that's perfect for me. By the way if you've probed the twisting nether of e-mentia* that is YTMND then I think you'll appreciate that one, it's really quite true.

Anyway. I think the job I'd be perfect for is to be one of those guys from the muppet show. You know the ones on the balcony that just sit up there and heckle the show? Where do you sign up to do that? Do you have to be a puppet to do it? because if so I think I'll need to file a discrimination lawsuit, but using the terrible swift sword of the ACLU I think I could get job doing that. I'll be a crusader against puppet elitism.

End the Discrimination now, It's time to cut the strings of opression.

E-mentia: A play on the word dementia E-mentia referes to the overdynamic rarely actually creative fads that sweet the vast wasteland of the internet. Recent evidence that this level of insane stupidity resulted from chuck norris roundhouse kicking everyone who logs on to the internet, seting their IQ back a good 20 points.**

**That is the only chuck norris joke I will ever make. I'm not fond of them, I've heard way too damn many of them, but I think it had to be said.


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