Thursday, August 17, 2006

Technical Expertiese

You’ve heard of the recent terror attempt in Britain right? There’s one thing about that that’s pissing me off. People are saying that Al Qaeda is implicated because of the technical complexity of the plot. They were going to smuggle in individual components, and mix them into a working explosive on the plane, then use jury rigged detonators made from household electronics.

That’s not technically complex! I could do that. I could do that tonight if necessary. Hell, Nitrated cotton, glycerin, and sulfuric acid. I don’t know how you’d get sulfuric acid on a plane, but I’m sure that if I was a multi-million dollar international terrorist organization I could think of something.

Dear NSA. I have no intent of attacking anything, or anyone with improvised explosive devices of any sort. When I did make them I made them for purely recreational use. I have a vested interest in this country, and would gain nothing from taking it down. Now stop monitoring my blog and go back to reading my e-mail.


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