Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Arlokk, Thekal, and how I learned to love being a giant tiger.

You may recall that there is a certain game that I play. Some would say that it's a bizarre alternate reality that I escape to, or a brutal narcotic that I'm addicted to, but they tend to say those things while I'm playing so I don't notice it.

Well last time we saw our hero I was an accomplished swords rogue. I think I used the phrase "Whirling Maelstrom of fire and blades" a few times. It's gotten better. My shiny new guild, which I've been in for 4 months but I haven't mentioned them much so they're new to you, has taken me raiding. On those raids I've made a major achievement both in terms of the kicking of ass, and in using an esoteric style.

I used to be a swords rogue, something shown well in my old forum sig.

Swords roguing was nice, it's not that crazy though, there are a fairly large number of us. I've taken it a step further.

Arlokk's Grasp
Thekal's Grasp

Nobody uses fist weapons. They're weird, there aren't any good ones, and essentially nobody uses them. However, the primal blessing set is one of the 2 good sets of fist weapons in the game. So why doesn't everyone who wants fist weapons use them? Well, the place they drop from requires 20 well coordinated players to run it, and each claw has a 2% drop rate. Logically you'd have to kill each boss 50 times. I got lucky, I kill arlokk 5 times, and Thekal once.

Choke on that statistics.

Now the reason I love my new claws so much isn't just because I get to be the weird one again. The reason is very simple. The primal blessing effect does a bit more then give me +300 attack power. It also turns me into a giant tiger.

It's Grrreeeaaaaat!!!

I'm also now offically a badass. I'm one of less then 10 people on the alliance that can do that. For the record, there are at least 10,000 people on the alliance on my server. This means that I'm now a force to be reckoned with in PVP. Mages, priests, other people who wear cloth armor and are hence easily eaten by giant tiger slyz will run at the sight of me. I've even noticed some that I know my name and will run from me before I turn into a tiger. The problem is that Warriors, shamans, and hunters, people who are tougher, will jump me on sight. I'm a known major threat so they pounce on me like a crack addict on a big fat rock. This would be more reasonable if I also had epic armor. I have 2 really cool items, and they're both weapons. I would be upset by this, but it's just so cool.


Anonymous Kevo said...

*blinks as his "Coolness Meter" explodes from oversaturation of Coolane Gas*


....also....I went back with Adam to spherion today......he got a job at the Blockbuster Online Distribution Center...just like Netflix........and they needed another person...so I took that instead....less pay.....but also not selling my soul to a law firm.

7:18 PM  

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