Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Collection of small things

I've been really busy recently, and despite that I don't have any significant story to tell. This disturbs me a little, but not enough that I'm going to deal with it now. I do have a large amount of minor interesting stories to tell.

I'm back on WoW. There was a major upheaval in my guild while I was gone, but I managed to neatly skip the entire awkward period and things are essentially right as I left them.

I'm struck amazingly hard by how sad the image of an imaginary bird that's really really cold is. The bird isn't dying, it isn't in a great deal of pain, it's just way too cold. It's really uncomfortable. And it can't get warm either, so even if it goes into a sauna or something it's still cold. I don't know why but I find that thought so sad. It's just so... Cold, and a bird, and... Damn.

I have these really creepy recordings from a video game, in the game they were a cursed sword that whispers damnation into your brain while you wield it, but I'm going to put them on loop and play them out my window all Halloween night. It's a really great series of sound effects. The first 11 are this ghostly voice that whispers a story of being a righteous warrior betrayed by his order. They gradually become incoherent, until the 12th one which is the voice brought back to focus and much heavier saying "Kill. Them. All."

Did you know you can order pizza over the internet, including paying for it with a credit card? I'm finding less and less reason to get up nowadays.

My D&D group is going to be playtesting an epic campaign for our member Chris. It shows really well how much each of us knows about D&D and how each of us feels about it. Peter and Alex who are new have these vague ideas of what they'll do, and both of them are fairly normal. Rob and I are both heavily experienced, and are on opposite sides of the spectrum as far as D&D players go. His characters are always made to have the most power, mine are always made to have the most personality. This means that he doesn't have a name or a backstory yet, and his character is entirely focused around gaining one ability, but that ability lets his character speak the words of uncreation and decimate anything he wants. Meanwhile I have two polar opposite characters. One is Saint Dagon, the Ashbringer. A legendary cleric of the silverflame, one who will always turn first to mercy but one knows when an enemy must be purified by fire. Because of this he has the names of everyone he's ever killed tattooed over his body, and every morning during his prayers he utters a prayer for each one. This adds 1 more hour to my characters spell preparation time (by the time you've reached level 25 you're killed a lot of people) but I consider it crucial. It also means that when we run into the Dread lord I'll be the only one who doesn't immediately begin winding up a doom power, I'll step in front of my combat readied friends and say "This doesn't have to come to violence!" I'll almost certainly get bashed for doing that, but benevolence is never free. The other character is "The Profane Saint Baelnazzar, The Hellspun Nightmare Blade." Fallen Paladin, Champion of the Dark God Hextor, The Tyrant, And undead monstrosity. However I've hidden all of this from my teammates. They believe that I'm a non-fallen paladin who was cursed by hextor, made to appear evil and given this deathless body so that my order would abandon me. I go on to claim that it's all a plot by Hextor to cause me to lose my faith in Heironious (The lawful good God of Paladins and interestingly enough in the Greyhawk cosmology brother of Hextor) but I claim that my faith remains strong. If the fools could only see the true power of my blackened heart and blood drenched fists . Then they would know, and they would Tremble, As the whole WORLD will tremble before my might, and the coming Glory of HEXTOR!!! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

Then again that's just D&D. My actual life hasn't had much of note recently.

Geez. Blogger spell check dosn't know the word Undead, or the word Paladin. Or Hellspun, which might actually be two words. They really need to update this thing's spell checker for the D&D crowd.


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