Monday, October 23, 2006


The increased difficulty of day to day life has left me in my scheming mode much more often then normal. I think this will be the key to my survival. The following are just notes I need to take based on my recent machinations.

I should get an actual mattress, but the value of the upgrade and the cost of the mattress just don't sync up.

If Chris and catie are buying a Wii then I can afford to get a 360, but if I do buy a 360 I'll have spent my entertainment budget through January.

(Censored Nondisclosure) is going to be Awsome. Between that, Dead Rising, and Tomb Raider Legends I think I have a clear case mandating I get a 360.

I really should get back on WoW before making any signifigant entertainment purchases. We can finally put it's addictive qualities to good use by making our entire entertainment budgent $15/month.

I really need to get on the Aikido thing, but I'm loathe to spend anything until after the rent hits.

Should aikido count as part of the entertainment budget?

I can buy fifty pounds of rice for $18. Rice is essentially free. I can also buy a can of bean for 89 cents. My goal, food budget wise, is to get by on $10 worth of food a day, but if I ate rice and beans I could have three large meals a day for three dollars a day.

A diet consisting of rice, beans, and the free soda volt gives me has
got to be bad for me.

One Koku, the feudal Japaneese unit of currency said to be the amount of rice necessary to feed a man for one year is about 400 pounds of rice. So according to my local asian food store a Koku is around $136.

If I bought a koku and ate just rice I could get my food budget down to almost $10 a month.

Eating just rice and soda for a year would almost certainly kill me, no matter how much Aikido I do.

I wonder if I can get a discount at the Asian food store if I say I'm buying a koku's worth. I also wonder if they would take a single ancient Koku coin as payment for 400lbs of rice.


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