Thursday, December 14, 2006


Good to see that the winds have only tampered with my cable TV and not my cable Modem.

So we have a huge wind storm coming tonight. From what I've heard one newspaper depicted it's impact as being something akin to what would happen if the nightmarish winds of Pandemonium were suddenly made manifest on the mortal earth. In preparation for the ensuing Ragnarok I was going around to all of the doors, windows, etc. and checking to make sure no unnecessary electronics were on, and all of our hatches were duly battoned. Well I went to check on the sliding glass door that leads to our patio, and as I pulled back the blinds I saw something that caused me to freeze in abject horror.

A massive man with long ragged hair dressed in hollow nihilistic black was reaching for the door. His soulless gaze was filled with harsh intent but devoid of the humanity you could expect from a simple burglar. Clearly this man was a maniac of the highest level, killing all he met and all who had the misfortune to cross his path. His bloody hands know not reason, his broken mind knows mercy and his tattered soul knows not remorse. This was the agent of death himself. Usiel, throne of the sundered, reaper of souls had sent his champion to claim my life. Terror seized me; I was helpless to resist its chill bindings. I waited for the reaper's blade to rend my spirit from the mortal coil.

Then I realized it was just my reflection in the glass, checked the lock, and went off to go check the windows in the kitchen. I'll let you guys know if I survive the night.


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