Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Team Ninja

First let me explain to you something about the Anime Inuyasha. I don't actually like Inuyasha, it's repetitive and overdone, but I love the way combat is done in Inuyasha. Every character has a couple of special moves, and they're all performed the same way. The character jumps into the air, the background changes to the standard anime flashing colors thing, and the character shouts the name of the technique. All of that has to be done before they can actually use the technique. It's flashy, and it's theatrical, and it's hilariously overdone, and I love it. The most common technique used by the title character is "Wind Scar" which consists of an overhead slash with his katana, and results in a giant anime beam attack.

Okay now cut over to Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I've been playing the demo heavily because the game isn't out yet. In the demo you have access to a number of different kinds of weapons. I prefer the aesthetic and feel of the two swords, but the staff is the most effective. The one that matters right now is the two handed sword. Every weapon has a charge up maneuver. Normally these are giant psychotic psychobilly freakout style combos. For the two handed sword you perform a massive downward chop that bisects anyone in the way, but you also create a near perfect representation of the wind scar blast. I don't like the weapon at all, I'm large and slow in real life and I play these things for the escapism, but I love that one maneuver. The 14 year old Otaku inside me squeals in fan boy delight as I have the freakishly over sized blade and yell "WIND SCAR~!" to what I'm sure is the confusion of my upstairs neighbors.

*Only half of the words that spell check refused in this post were actually misspelled. The others include 'Otaku, Katana, Anime, and Psychobilly'


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