Monday, June 25, 2007


Week two has begun, and it's time I began planning. A journey of 2,500 miles is not something to be taken lightly. It's also one where the first step should be into a car, but I'm not sure of Zen's exactly policies on road tripping, although their views on motorcycle maintenance are well known.

I've abandoned my ridiculously simpled "I-10 to I-5" Houston to Seattle travel plan because the people I was hoping to see won't be there, and because I remembered that costing me distance also costs me gas money. It'll take a bit before I'm fully used to the gas money concept again. My Mom laid out a pretty solid sounding root for me as we were discussing my plans, but I decided to consult the ancient elders of my tribe, and I have to admit I was surprised when I didn't get an error message, but instead got back this:

They think I can do it in just 35 hours, so three days or so of driving.

Google maps says about the same thing, but they claim to have a route which is four miles shorter. Once again Google wins. They can also offer me a 109 step route that will get me to Seattle without using freeways. I looked into it and there's a lot of "Follow this freeways feeder road for 80 miles" steps in there, still impressive though.

Currently the thinking is this.

Day 1: North to OK city. Sleep in a motel or campsite
Day 2: North to Salina, Turn, West to Denver. Check in on Relatives, make use of free lodging.
Day 3: Onwards to Boise, maybe somewhere in Oregan, stop whenever I think that I have an hour left before becoming too tired to drive.
Day 4: Finish the drive to Seattle, don't tell anyone I've arrived and burst in to the apartment at around midnight, shouting obscenities and generally traumatizing my roommates.

Sounds like a plan to me, although I may need to buy some fireworks if I'm going to do step four properly.


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