Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something funny that I will later regret recording.

I've been gathering these for a while now. The following are things I have shouted late at night while at work when I think nobody is around that only make sense if you can also see and hear the show going on in my head.

1. Cocaine Makes me High!!!

2. Haoooooo!!! (Chris's "Something Asian happens" sound effect)

3. Oh God... It's Happening Again!!!

4. This one was banned from Music Television! Because you can see my junk, through my jumpsuit

5. Hey! Hey you Birds! Go back to sleep Birds! It's four in the fucking morning!

5a. Oh, um, no not you sir, I was talking to the birds. See they're chirping already and it seems too early and uh, um, I was just thinking...

6. The Power of Christ Compels Me!

7. Buddha's All up in your Grill!

8. Lead import from the nation of Maximum Metal WaAaAaAaAa~!

9. RickRoll'd!

10. This, is the greatest undersea epic, ever filmed.

11. The entire song "Ebaums world" by Lemon Demon.

12. The entire song "Ebaums world" by Lemon Demon without my ipod covering up my lack of ability to sing.

13. 90% of the musical "Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street"

14. NOOOOOO!!!!

15. Por Que!?!?!


17. Next Time Gadget! NEXT TIME!!!

18. The entire theme song to the cartoon "Underdog"

19. I once had my ipod play the mega man three scene select song for twenty minutes.

20. DM Discretion, Your character dies and goes to hell.

21. FAIL!

22. AVENGE ME!!!!

23. (Unnecessarily loud supervillain laughter)

24. I Defy You Daystar!!!!

25. Oh God the cotton soft madness!

26. It Burns!!!

27. I SUMMON THEE HENCE!!! (If you had seen me pull a laundry cart across the room with a king sized sheet you would respect this more)


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