Friday, July 20, 2007


I found myself playing a number of interesting games recently. They're the kind of games that you only play when you're in the bizarre situation of the temporarily unemployed college student. It's really an interesting variation on the principal of the Time Trial.

So far my favorite game by far is one that involves everyone in my apartment. I call it "How long can I leave the broom and dustpan and a garbage bag by the swept up kitchen junk before one of my roommates sweeps it up." I'm not nearly as alarmed as I should be by the fact that the count will almost certainly be measured in days by the time it's done.

That game evolves into my next game, namely "how often do my roommates read my blog." I would feel worse about toying with them like this, but, hmm... You know I don't have a good reason. Someone put another mark on the scoreboard for Evil.

That's all well and good, but the real story here involves a much more important game. It answers the grand question "Will the check clear before the ramen runs out?" I'd take bets on it, but I think that might only make things worse.


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