Sunday, July 08, 2007

The End of Exodus: Road Notes

Note: Notes have been edited to fill in my scrawling shorthand and the roar of wind has been removed from taped notes.

-I'm going 65 mph, how is it that I'm holding people up?

-I'm going 70 mph, how is it that I'm holding people up?

-I'm going 75 mph, how is it that I'm holding people up?

-I'm going 80 mph, how is it that I'm holding people up?

-I'm beginning to worry. I've gotten used to going 80. This may cause problems in the mountains.

-I think 80 would feel a lot more satisfying if it wasn't only halfway around my speedometer.

-I'm in Dallas and it's already noon. I think the people who say driving alone is hard are the same people who don't own iPods that play through their car's stereo.

-I can tell I'm getting used to driving again. I've gone back to thinking of my speed in terms of how far from the limit it is.

-I usually hesitate to drive above +15. +5 is my standard, and +15 used to be my absolute limit, but ambient traffic is driving at +20...

-I'm not sure I can speed out here. I got caught up in a song and when I looked up I was being tailgated. With a look of horror I saw that it was a cop doing it, but its lights were off. when I lane changed it shot past me at what must have been 100 mph.

-Music still has a pretty strong effect on me. I don't feel as edgy driving 80 when Dream evil is playing. The winner, however, is Madhouse by Anthrax. It was only when it was done that I became properly aware that I had gone from being at the medium speed to weaving between cars driving +35.

-It only took me four hours to give in to hedonistic abandon and drive over 100. I only did it for a few minutes, but still.

-The last thing I saw before crossing the state line was a "Lone star, the national beer of Texas. If you can't find it, you're in a different country." If I wasn't driving, and drank, and liked beer then I might've been bothered by crossing the state line so soon after that.

-I-35 begins to shoot straight at OK city, but then takes a sudden and largely unannounced turn to go around it. I should've gotten a combo multiplier for changing three lanes that fast.

-Oklahoma seems okay.

-I could never live in a small town. I'm an escapist even in the stimulation dense environment of the big city, being in a place like Perry might kill me.

-Look best western, there were three cars in your parking lot, now is not the time to be turning me away because I'm not 21.

-I need some sun tan lotion, but only for my left arm. I'm going to have a wacky tan after this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to slow down. You should not be driving 100 mph. - Your mother.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Kevo said...

You pulled a Clone High Genghis Khan at Best Western. Remember, you're always 21.

9:51 PM  

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