Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I've finally ended my comcast account, but I assure you that even in death they lashed at me. When it said that the current pay period was ending July 9th, I assumed that I would be charged on or around July 9th. You can see why I was somewhat perturbed when I checked over my bank account to find that they had charged me on June 27th, fully two weeks before. I'm even more disturbed because I didn't expect to be charged at all since I wasn't going to have the account in the next pay period. Apparently the chip comcast put in my head warned them about this, and they decided to jump before I got away.

This is also how you end up paying $36 for a single episode of the daily show on iTunes. Man those $35 overdraft fees really add up when you don't know you're getting them. I must admit that part of me is confused. If I didn't have money shouldn't they have just told iTunes that I couldn't buy that video? In a world of fully solid currency that's what would've happened, but the bank can make a lot more off of me if they just front me the $1.99 with and unspoken $35.00 lenders fee. I'm considering switching to another bank, although I don't have any reason to believe they would be any kinder. In the mean time I'm going to start depositing every cent I get as soon as I get it.

It really does seem that every time I come to some form of resolution on an intangible problem finance rears its ugly head.


Blogger Kevin said...

FTR: US Banks overdraft fee is five dollars less.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Max said...

True. I hope to avoid having fees like this At All in the future though. Once I stop being such a douche about money

1:53 AM  

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