Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CSE 142, CR 1/4

"This class is intended for people who haven't done any programing before, so if you have done some you might be a little bored."


"If you've done a lot, and you understand things like if statements and loops and so on you may be a lot bored."

Hah. If booleans are the be all and end all of this I should be able to do most of the course work without opening to the book.

later on

Why do they always use that classic example program. I guess println is the simplest form of output, and you have to introduce everyone to the main function, but I wish someone would use something other then hello world.

So that bit of gibberish there, I know you don't understand it, but don't worry you will later on."

Did he just call public static void main(String[] args){ Gibberish? That's the fundamental line in every program, and I know what public, and static, and void, and String[] all mean already. The statement made by my Java Developers do it head first shirt if finally justified!

(Maniacal Laughter)

This is going to be child's play.
I agree, the only obstacle stopping us now is our own arrogance.


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