Saturday, September 15, 2007

A shot of humility.

A friend of mine makes an excellent point.

[Rivieque] "Yeah AI*, I guess I can't question the fun that you could have with this but I don't think you can take sitting around looking for stuff on YouTube and call it a game. Wasting time on youtube might've been a game a few years ago, but it's in the realms of global productivity pandemic now, you can't just come along and rename a pandemic."
[ArcaneInsane] "Can I brand name it"
[Rivieque] "No"
[ArcaneInsane] "This bird flu brought to you by ArcaneInsane(tm)?"
[Rivieque] "Maybe."
[NocturnalDeva] "Where would get the money to sponsor a pandemic? Bird flu's going to have more viewers then the superbowl"

*typing out ArcaneInsane takes too long, it's commonly shortened to AI.


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I can see why Three Flames

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