Thursday, October 18, 2007


I was thinking as I was playing bioshock yesterday that it would certainly have to be in my top 5. I went from there to thinking about what my top 5 would be, and I was tempted to say that bioshock would be #1. It went up against some pretty tough competition too, but I was willing to say outright that bioshock was at least on par with such games as

-Deus Ex
-World of Warcraft
-Doom 3
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-GTA San Andreas.
-Super Smash Brothers

Remember that I was rating in overall quality, so the genre blending was perfectly fine. I was willing to say all that, and let my exact top 5 remain ethereal, confident that the game was worth almost double it's sale price.

Then I experienced the single greatest scene in video gaming that I've ever seen.


I thought about this too, I even youtubed a lot of my old top contenders. Sephiroths walking through the fire, the opening to half life 1, The reveal at the end of the first Metroid, Everything, I went through it all. Nothing, NOTHING, topped this one scene. I'm not going to say what happened, it's a massive spoiler, but anyone with no intent to play the game can contact me personally for details. For those of you who have I'm referring to the scene in which you meet Andrew Ryan face to face, and would you kindly not post any spoiler comments? I'll be watching for those to strike them down.

Anyone who is considering it Buy Bioshock. It's my #1 game to date.


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