Friday, November 09, 2007


Too often I find that there are shows I want to see and that they end their tour without ever reaching Seattle. Nearly all of them hit Portland, which irritates me to no end, but so far nothing has hit Seattle.

A recent news post by Gabe(scroll down) got me thinking. How far is Portland? Really?

It's about 180 Miles. Damn do I love the information age. So there's two real answers to this.

1. I don't go to enough concerts/shows/etc.

2. Can I really afford to drive 6 hours and pay $50 on gas for a 1 hour, $10 show?

They're both really good points, and #2 will become a better point once I look into the ticket pricing of things that aren't 'Nerdcore' and hence cost more then a #7 with a large diet coke.

Always a large diet coke.

I'm not so much worried about the endurance driving as I am worried about the money. My desktop computer is finally and brutally out of commission, and while the magic of peripherals makes my laptop an excellent temporary replacement there are... certain things that I must have. HP makes some interesting offers, but it turns out that 1.2k is a bit outside my price range. It's technically not outside the amount I could spend, but unless I can put something under my pillow for the rent and groceries fairy it's really not a good move on my part.

Especially with the dreaded countdown to November 20th. And I'm not talking about the Chem test either (11 days....) I'm talking about ROCK BAND. As the visonary leader*, bassist, and vocalist of the (tentatively named) band "Not as Much as I Hate Adam" I'm going to be a bit strained economically. If the matter came down to spending $60 and getting any one of the linked to games I'd almost certainly go with Tabula Rasa, but I don't have a gaming PC in functioning condition, and when I look over the stats of my bricked Goliath I have to admit that I don't have a gaming PC. What I have is a three year old media box suffering from old age and a myriad of problems that are the result of mild cooling issues mixed with time.

So I come to the point again where a vast supply of potential revelry crashes against reality. I understand that what I view as being the profoundly disappointing nature of reality is what most people view as "Life" and that balancing these things is just part of being an adult, but what I think a lot of people have forgotten is that being an adult sucks. I'm still going to do it, in the end I have to, but I'll never stop exercising my right to complain about it. Because honestly the only way I can stop being disappointed is if I stop aspiring, and the only time I plan to stop aspiring is when I'm dead.

I'm also coming, once again, to the fact that it's all about balance. Balancing responsibility and fun. Balancing the budget, and to a lesser extent balancing my simulated bass guitar with my equally incompetent singing. I'd like to say that this experience is new or profound in some way, but it's just old and profound, which in many ways detracts from it's profundity.

Dear God profundity is actually a word? And I spelled it right on the first try? Epic.

Anyway I have to go study for the afore mentioned chemistry test. Ciao.

*I have dibs on being the visionary leader because I'm the one making the down payment.


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