Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DM Discretion

WARNING: The following post is entirely for my own benefit, I will not be stopping to define various insider terms.

I have an interesting problem. Gregory (Wiz: 3, Bard: 2, Fighter: 1, Warchanter (complete warrior) 1) is a GMPC who started out as a standard NE manipulative bastard wizard character. Through unforeseen consequences he became a GMPC in 'service' to the PCs, with the intent of using him as a betrayal trap. Then things conspired against me. A powergamer PC almost took a custom item of mine, "Potion of Reverse Personality." Note that this not only flips the characters alignment but is intended to be a true reversal, introverts become extroverts, schemers become helpful, etc. Since the powergamer character doesn't really have personality to be reversed (He's trying, but honestly it's not who he is. All of his characters are defined as Race, Class, Personality Flaw) I decided to intervene and have my GMPC take it. So he's no longer a betrayer.

The solution to this, being that my goal at the time was to kill off the GMPC, was a gradually growing madness because of his own transformation. I'd set it up pretty nicely too IMO. It would've taken place over the next few sessions, a gradual growing dependence on reassurances that he's "better" now that he's taken it, and either breaking down into a useless mass of conflicting emotions, or freaking out in a violent and magic assisted manner.

This got nuked too. The PC who was his leader got killed, the GMPC went into a frenzy and kicked everyones ass. The progression here, as I see it, is that his ambivalence towards his fallen leader dissolves, and he takes up his ideals, albeit with a bit more intelligence then the PC who had 10 less int then the GMPC.

This is all well and good, having a GMPC isn't horrible, but I have one issue. He's a bard/warchanter with a clear vision and purpose, and he has 18 charisma. In many ways my GMPC is a great leader character. Can a GMPC be the party leader? Isn't that a bit too much?


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