Friday, October 19, 2007

Fighting It

There's a phrase I'd become attached to whenever we discussed health problems of any kind. It reflected the fact that I was in many ways screwed, so I didn't feel bad declaring my inevitable outcome in life to be "Diabeetus." (Die-uh-Bee-Tus)

Well things have changed. My outlook has changed, and in many ways my life is begining to change. Me and my new brain* aren't going to just sit here and die(abeetus) anymore. I've been pushing half heartedly to work more vegetables into my diet and less Kyoto Terriyaki take out, but I hadn't had much luck.

So I'm going on a variant of the subway diet known as the Safeway diet. The entire principle of the subway diet was that you have to walk to get food and after you walk there you get fairly healthy food. I live four-ish blocks from Safeway so it's not a major walk but I'm not making giant leaps here. I've already started stretching and doing 15 minutes of calisthenics every morning, at least every point beyond 6 a.m. at which I decide I'm going to stay awake, and I'd like to do more, and start eating breakfast regularly as well. The way I see it I'll get up, stretch, crunches etc, walk to Safeway buy fruit, walk back, eat fruit. I do intend to keep getting food on the go for lunch, but that's essentially always Subway food gotten in the middle of a long walk to class, so my plan of getting 500 subway points and getting my height in free sandwiches meshes nicely with my dietary concerns. My intention of eating my height in subway sandwiches in a single day isn't a healthy one, but that was never the point. After class it's a simple cross campus walk and a bus ride back up to a few blocks from Safeway, buy vegetable heavy dinner ingredients, and I'll solve the constant "What will we do for dinner" problem and the Diabeetus problem in one go.

I'd like to note that "What will we do for dinner" is usually more of a "What will Kevin and Adam do for Dinner." I need to setup some kind of system where we pool money for ingredients and I cook, but the nuances of my oddly housekeepery role will be discussed later. I'd like to think that the insincere strictly for the thrill of it bravado keeps me from actually being maternal but I'm not always so certain.

*Only James and I will understand this reference, don't worry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Stephen said...

I think that in order to help you with your Safeway Diet you should post daily updates. Maybe doing that will make you feel that you have to report your progress to someone (the interweb) and will keep you in line.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks bro, I hope your new brain keeps working as well as it seems to be, or you'll need a Newer brain, which is untested at this point.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Max said...

Well the new brain is still on it's way. We won't be certain that I've really got a new brain until I've got a boat.

1:16 PM  

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