Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I really should've blogged all this as it happened, but it's too late for that now.

-I was significantly sick for a few days, some combination of me going into denial and my disease going into recession afforded me ease during my Midterm, but I missed D&D. Not a huge loss, still noteworthy.

-I lost a point for using an int array accommodates for the variant scaler of month length. This wasn't because it was a bad idea; in fact I still think it was a damn clever trick. I lost a point because I forgot that we don't know about arrays yet. I think that's bull because we've discussed them in the form of Strings, and how they're arrays of characters, but apparently since we were never actually taught how to construct or manipulate one I'm at fault.

-I bought GH3, with controller, and a used copy of GH1, with controller, and we have proceeded to rock.

-I got my first choice for my band name on Guitar Hero 1. "Casual Sadism." It goes back to an episode of Evil Avatar Radio, back before that podcast went to suck.

-The name of my band "Not as much as I hate Adam" is too long. The story behind that joke is also too long, but trust me it's funny.

-The name of my band "Delusions of Candor" is also too long.

-My band, Pyschogasam, has a name that's only mildly awesome.

-I finally be "Through the Fire and The Flames" on Medium, it was ridiculous.

-That song is the only one to have gone from my regular rotation to a Guitar Hero game, rather then the other way around.

-"Slow Ride" by foghat causes me to hearken back to a childhood that I didn't actually have. It's a bizarre experience. I think some stoner's memories are leaking out of their drug addled mind.


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