Thursday, October 18, 2007


-I've learned how to stop my sleep problems, but I need one solid night to work off my previous deprivations before I can really solve anything. I wish I'd worked this out closer to a Tuesday.

-Given my class schedule I should actually be going to bed and waking later then I am now. It's a problem that borders on being surreal. It's so far from what I'm used to that it feels like a trick of some kind.

-I have to decommission my velcro shoes, since apparently they're making my heels bleed. I'm shocked that they're doing that, but even more so by the fact that I wasn't the first one to notice that I had been cut up along my heel and was bleeding down my foot. Have I managed to numb my ankles or something?

-Several clothing related objectives have built up. 1. Find and go to post office to collect new shoes, 2. Head downtown to big & tall shop for a general resupply of everything but T-shirts. Thursday and... I guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday for the actual clothes shopping.

-Having weekend days free is amazingly useful, everything is open on weekdays, you can get so much more done.

-I need to read more to compensate for the general uselessness of my chem lectures.

-I gave Adam's friend my e-mail address because they needed CSE help, that was a week ago and I haven't heard a thing from them.

-Never GM two Table Top games at the same time ever again. GMing takes to much behind the scenes work, and between my schoolwork, my D&D campaign, and the D20 Modern thing I'm running the only free day I have left is Tuesday, which is gradually being filled with all of my side tasks.

-Both as a GM and as a player I'm getting increasingly fed up with powergamers. All of my best Table top RPG sessions have been about creative roleplay not getting significant numbers.

-Making your alignment Neutral Evil and then just being a dick does not count as roleplaying.

-I have a Chem test a week from today, time to begin studying.


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