Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Self Improvement

A lot of what my agenda includes recently can be described as self improvement. It's a tricky subject for one whose head is so thoroughly crammed up his own ass with philosophy as I am .(Wouldn't it be more Zen if I simply learned to accept the faults?) I'm lucky to have a mental council that not only includes the wizened old men sitting at the board arranging symbolic pieces into complex ideas, but also includes one key figure who will sweep the entire table with his arm, scatter pieces and board to the ground, and shout "Fuck This Game!"

In the spirit of that game, and it's rightly deserved fucking, I remind myself of this:

The Tongue Twister Database

And I apologize to everyone for taking this long to actually do something about my atrocious speech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang those are hard. The p's and b's i'm pretty good at but the s's and th's kill me, thanks for the site!


9:16 AM  

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