Thursday, January 03, 2008

Epic Moments in Gaming, Tabula Rasa

It's an odd system.

Adrian Slyz was a fun character. I got a lot of miles out of him, he's done a lot, but he's spread too thin. Part of the problem of exploring all of the things a character can do is that in the end you're okay at everything and you're getting your ass handed to you by people who are really good at their one thing, and they're handing it to you with your own hand which they blew off with their grandmastery of weapon X while you're trying and failing to beat them with your proficiency with weapons a-w.

So now I'm Alexander Slyz, a clone of Adrian Slyz even though I don't look anything like him and all of my training points are free again. Nikolita Slyz is also technically a clone of Adrian, and she's not even the same gender.

The word clone is being misused.

That's not my point though, the point is that I have a shiny new clone point and I've spent it cooking up my boy Alex who is Archduke of the rocket launcher and it's time to test out my new rig.

The first thing I notice is that my new rig doesn't have all of the missions in his mission log, which shows that I have a lazy cloning technician because he managed to hand off the ancient secrets of the Logos that Adrian had learned, but all of the orders he had from the AFS brass just kind of fell through the cracks.

So it's time for a game of warp point hopscotch. Hop to the foxtrot outpost, find everyone there who has a mission for me. For those of you playing the homegame, Missions are what we call Quests in Sci-Fi games. Then I hop on over to the hydro plant.

Which is currently being raided by the Thrax.


Okay, because I've never seen a Control Point defense actually work I make grabbing the quests my priority, it takes me 15 seconds, and a quick mental note to read what they're actually about when I'm not being bombarded by alien scum. I head towards the front lines, a large azure force field that stands between us and them. Most importantly, it stands between 30 of us and about 100 of them. This is also why I didn't rush through that force field, they're crammed up hard against it, and if I did manage to squeeze my way in I'm not sure even my new badass Graviton Armor can hold up to that much brutality.

I run up a set of steps thinking that I'll take cover behind one of our automated turrets and let a few rockets fly into that swarming mess down below. I get to the turret just about the time they finish turning our finally crafted machine into a pile of tinsel. It blows up in my face and I take cover in the smoldering wreckage. The smart money here is on running away, but I have a rocket launcher and the consequences for death are minimal so I decide to get in a bit of "field testing" before I hop back to that warp pad.

FOOM!!! click click click, FOOM!!! It's really impressive how much faster I fire with my newly enhanced skill. I find out later on that the beeping noise I heard about 8 shots in wasn't the base's perimeter alarm but rather my weapon informing me that it's overheating and slowly destroying itself. At the moment though I'm blissfully ignorant, and the rockets keep flying. Around rocket 10 they're all looking bad, it's amazing what blast radius and choke point defenses can do in combination, and they're also all looking at me. It's about this time that bullets begin pinging from every direction off of my aforementioned graviton armor.

Let me explain what Graviton armor is made for. Graviton is unlocked at Tier 3, when you become a commando, as I just have, and is used by Guardians and Grenadiers at the highest tier. I'm planning on being a grenadier, so my armor is very important to me, because this kind of deeply deranged tactic of fighting everyone at once is exactly what grenadiers do. Their weapon of choice is the propellant gun, more colloquially known as a flamethrower. This is the class that walks right up to a swarm of angry monsters, and soaks them all with the burning anger of the Gods. Graviton armor isn't strong enough to let you occasionally get yourself into this kind of situation. Graviton is for people who are supposed to be doing this.

My armor gauge is failing. So are all of their health gauges. I've already mentioned my love of area damage right? When my armor gauge gets to 0 I won't technically be dead, but its worth note that my armor points are much higher then my health points. Factor of 5 higher. It's also kind of hard to hit my armor, but my health has all the resistance to the hail of lead I'm taking as the average household ferret. It's going to be close, very close.

15 rockets.

20 rockets

10% armor remaining....

Experienced gained? That's nice and all, but the most important thing about it is that it means something died. More, then more gained, they begin falling in droves. The whole pack of them collapses, my weapons overheating alarm continues to beep in merry protest as it finally gets a chance to cool. 25 rockets fired and they're clear, and I'm still just barely alive. And...

Wait. We won? I've never seen that before. Holy damn... HAHAHAH!!!! The Hydro Plant is still ours. The first successful defense I've ever seen and who leads the charge?

Alexander Slyz. Clone of Adrian Slyz, AFS Master Rocketeer.


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So, I guess this means the new computer is working out well for you?

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