Friday, February 08, 2008


-I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but I've been writing "On Gods and Champions II" for a while now. I really should finish it.

-The WannaBee Cafe a diagonal block away has always been a place that I wanted to succeed. It's a small independent coffee place with a very nice feel about it. The only real problem is that I'm not a fan of coffee. I like mocha in certain situations, but those aren't very common. It's been an issue of mine, I want to support them, but they aren't for me. I've found a way to make it work recently though. It's a combination of two key facts. They make delicious things which are basically sandwiches. I say basically because they call them paninis. I'm pretty sure this is the same coffee shop lexicon that calls large things ventei and medium things grande, which is either a bit of cultural flair or a bit of bullshit, depending on what mood you're in at the time. The second key thing is that it's a great atmosphere to get my reading done. It's a bit difficult to do it at home because I'm either in a room with my computer or our X-Box, and eventually one of those always wins.

-Why do I keep running into strangely attractive women in positions of semi-authority, which make them a bit distant, when I'm just trying to work on my academics?

-There's a line from Soul Caliber, the Arcade version of it, which strikes an oddly sympathetic cord with me. It's just the games intro voice saying the last part of the intro "Welcome back, To the Stage of History." I almost never played Soul caliber. I'm not a huge fan of Soul Caliber. Why do I care that much?

-I think we have new neighbors, but I think they may be ninjas. I keep seeing clues of them just out of my range of interaction.

-Swords of the New World. Very well done Korean MMO. Be warned that it has all the hallmarks of that specific national Genre, but I'll discuss that further later. For now just note that it's pretty good and it's free.


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