Monday, February 04, 2008


- I finally got the Standing, fall backwards, roll forwards up to one knee thing down. I managed to do it perfectly first try this evenining.

-I also pulled a muscle in my core while doing that.

-I have a way to help ease pulled muscles, a kind of massage trick Jennifer Rosenthal showed me way back when. The only problem is that this one is either an ab, or the thing next to the abs, so there's an inch or so of fat between me and the actual muscle.

-Taco Bell's one and only contribution to society is the creation of the idea of "Fourth Meal"

-One of the many games nerds play is classifying people in the D&D system. I'm traditionally called a half giant, for obvious reasons, but I was thinking about this earlier. I think of most things as being an art form. I view combat as an honorable art, not a means of killing things. I have an affinity for the arcane. I encourage a highly liberal society. I have an affinity for nature, and my Utopian society involves doing a minimal amount of work in close harmony with nature, living without excess so that most of peoples time can be spent singing and playing and doing various arts. I'm not a half giant, I'm an elf.

-Having my phone charged doesn't do anything if I keep forgetting to turn it back on after lectures.

-Hormonal birth control is interesting. My desire for a hormone dart gun is returning, the only difference is that I've added estrogen and progesterone to the list of darts I need.

-Fun fact. Modern hormonal birth control carefully mods the hormones affect the cycle. The older kinds just soaked the whole thing in way too much of everything, and nuked the whole process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think 4th meal is actually a Hobbit thing, like second breakfast.

11:24 AM  

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