Friday, March 21, 2008

Vestigial Lizard Reflexes

I meant to write this a while ago, but it's happening again so lets discuss.

Now that I live in the northwest and I have access to sunlight without the soul crushing heat I normally associate with bright sunny days I've developed somewhat of an affinity for it. It's nice, it appeals to a part of me that is rarely nourished, but I think really should be a lot more often. So whenever I'm reading or cleaning, or typing my blog I like to sit in sunlight, but I've found that after long enough it brings up an old problem.

An ancient problem actually.

I've documented a lot of traits in myself that go back to what I was before I was a person. Unconsciously baring my front teeth, or "fangs," when I'm in a state of violent anger goes back to being a chimp. Driving jumpily around giant trucks goes back to the first rodent like mammals darting around the feet of massive dinosaurs. Recently I've found one that goes back even further though.

I've known a lot of people with reptile pets. My brother owned a snake, I once spent a long time watching a lizard in a terrarium, although for the life of me I can't remember where. In either case they have one common hobby. Laying on warm rocks. It may just be that my choice of attire makes me more vulnerable to the sense of numbing warmth, but I like to think that some part of my reptile brain flips on when I'm sitting in warm sunlight on a stone bench in red square, and slowly, without even really realizing it, I drift off, exulting in warm comfort in a way humans haven't done since we got the fourth chamber and that whole "warm blood" thing.


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