Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Militaristic Campaign

When I left for Houston my room was great, but the common area of the apartment was clearly in need of work. When I go back it was, as I expected, a complete wreck. My standards for home cleanliness have raised steadily over the past few months, and I've spent most of today raising the wreckage of our common room up to my standards, but being a communal area I have to accept that the less rigorous standards of my roommates will be brought to bear.

With that in mind I've changed a few policies.

My old policy was to keep things up to "presentable" sometimes slipping to "functional" and doing the majority of the work with an unwavering opposition to taking out the trash. At the time I saw it as a statement of defiance, but the key to defiance is that someone else has to be opposing you, and I'm the only one fighting this war. So I've changed my position from "I'll do X, as long as you guys do Y" to "I'm doing X, and stay the hell out of my way." This has gone from a practice, to a militant organizational campaign.


Blogger Caitie Lustig said...

No offense, but I completely understand that. That why I was, well, a bit of a btich in the last few months of us living together.

6:07 PM  

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