Friday, August 01, 2008

Genius or Madness

Lets talk crazy science. I've heard from a lot of people who seem like they should know better about the potential of a water powered car. There was one who was too intelligent for me to simply write him off, but it's description of drawing power from moving current through water eluded me, even though I knew there was something there I should be grasping.

Well recently I saw something that seems much more reasonable. The basic idea is that you're not using water as fuel, you're using something known as Hydroxy (HHO) as fuel. A battery mechanism of some sort coverts water into Hydroxy, and then Hydroxy goes backing to being regular water, a much more stable lower energy state substance. This process releases energy, which powers the vehicle.

Now whether or not this process is actually viable is one thing, but the core idea here is critical. One of the key reasons electric vehicles have failed is because of poor battery technology. My old approach was to wait for batteries to get better, but that's a bad way of looking at the issue. Electric power is superior to material fuels. There are dozens of ways to make it, many of which are renewable and environmentally friendly. So lets find a new way of carrying around electrical energy. Hydroxy is the only good one I know of now, Hydrogen fuel cells are another example but I have reason to doubt them. Flywheels, super capacitors, industrially produced super high energy state chemicals of some kind, whatever works. This idea may save us all.


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