Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Choosing Action

When I write on my white board I often color code my writing. Generally this follows the idea of three aspects of self that I've mentioned before. Blue is positive, red is negative, and black is neutral, but is really more symbolic of a primary unaligned aspect which is the instigator against which the others are reactionary. This understanding of it is why I think of the three voices as positive, negative, and active.

There are times when these three will come into alignment. In these moments I usually find some new truth or mantra which, if I listen to it, serves as a valuable point of guidance. Internalizing these truths, and the process of finding new ones and internalizing those is, in essence, the path of enlightenment.

The last time this happened was a while ago, and was regrettably before I began photographing my white board each time I erase it. The message that was written out in foot high letters for a few days was this:

Never Stop Fighting
Always Choose Action
Anything less is weakness

This idea, choosing action, has been the central theme in a lot of my most rewarding changes recently. It's so fundamental, and so simple, but it gets passed at every opportunity. There are so many little things that I want done, and it's within my reach to do them, but there's some lacking animus that holds me from them. Choosing action is fighting that. don't let the bottom crisper drawer go uncleaned another day. Don't let things slide, don't ignore minor problems, don't excuse and don't negotiate. It's not hard, just choose action.


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